YubiHSM 1.5

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YubiHSM 1.5 is an HSM (Hardware Security Module) key that manages your digital keys for a secure authentication, while offering the convenience of a tiny USB-drive. It stores YubiOTP secrets for validating one-time passcodes and offers encryption (HMAC-SHA1 variable length input hashing, symmetric AES ECB encryption and random number generation).

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YubiHSM key can encrypt, decrypt, and securely store secrets. It was originally developed by the Yubico for encryption, decryption, and storage of secrets on its own servers. Today, the YubiHSM is offered for individual or enterprise level customers, who need an easy, affordable, and secure protection of authentication secrets related to the Yubico OTP stored on the authentication or key server. The device protects data encrypted with a 128-bit AES key  from malware, hackers, or internal threats – essentially from anything with unauthorized remote or physical access.

  • YubiHSM works with any standard USB port, across multiple operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Mac OS.
  • It offers encryption with a Message Authentication Code (MAC), HMAC-SHA1 hashing, AES encryption/decryption, and cryptographic True Random Number Generation.
  • Capable of supporting any counter-based OTP protocol including YubiOTP and OATH-HOTP authentication.
  • The device has no moving parts (or batteries) and requires no additional maintenance upon installation.
  • It consumes less than 0.2 W compared to over 300 W for some HSM hardware, while costing a fraction of the latter.
  • Can be configured to handle AES encryption/decryption, secure comparison of decrypted data or HMAC-SHA1 validation with the key stored on the YubiHSM.
  • Ultra-Portable design (Weight: 1g, Dimensions: 12mm x 13mm x 3.1mm)


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