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Trezor is is the first hardware cryptocurrency wallet that offers a secure cold hardware storage with the ability to spend your cryptocurrency assets with the convenience of a hot wallet. It features a built-in 128×64 pixel OLED display, two hardware buttons, and a 120 MHz embedded ARM processor (Cortex-M3) Central Processing Unit, while being as half as large as a credit card and weighing 12g (0.42 oz)

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Trezor is a tiny tamper- and waterproof hardware wallet that connects to your PC via a USB cable. It provides you with top-notch security by isolating your Bitcoin private keys and signing transactions. Having a dedicated screen allows you to confirm that you’re sending currency to the intended recipient and protects you from any phishing attempts.

  • Trezor is an HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) wallet which allows you to create child keys from parent keys in a hierarchical order for more security and convenience of use.
  • Trezor is impervious to keyloggers and many other vectors of attack. Your assets are protected by a PIN code, 24-word seed generated using RNG from the device and the computer, and a passphrase, that acts as a 25th word. The seed is generated offline on your device and is displayed on the Trezor’s screen, which ensures that the seed is fully isolated. As a result, Trezor can be used even on a malware infected computer with no harm for your savings.
  • As Trezor uses BIP39 and BIP44 standards for creating new wallets, the entire wallet can be recovered using the 24-word seed and passphrase in case if  your TREZOR is lost or damaged.
  • Trezor can be used not only with Bitcoin, but with several other altcoins including, but not limited to, Ethereum, Litecoin, Namecoin, Dash and Dogecoin.
  • It is compatible with a number of various software wallets, including Electrum, MultiBit HD, and GreenAddress on desktop, GreenBits, Mycelium, and
  • Trezor supports the U2F specification. You can use Trezor as your 2nd factor authentication token with services such as Google or Dropbox.
  • The wallet alls supports SSH login with single or multiple sessions, which enables you to access your servers, data or websites.


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