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Pi Wallet is a secure armory offline wallet based on Raspberry Pi single board computer. The credit card sized wallet combines the best of the two worlds – it uses the most secure and feature rich bitcoin client while allowing for a fast and secure creation of offline backups via SDHC cards.

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Pi Wallet is a modified Raspberry Pi single board computer running custom software to secure your cryptocurrency assets. Compared to a your own PC the Pi Wallet has an advantage of using as SDHC card as a hard drive, which can easily be physically removed, backed up or copied. It’s been “specifically made for people who want easy access to a secure coin storage without having the time to build an or think about an own solution”.

  • Unlike most of desktops/workstations/mobile devices Pi Wallet doesn’t have a wireless connection, which ensures a complete isolation of your cryptocurrency assets.
  • Whether you think the information was compromised or just want to make a back up – the device can be quickly and easily separated from its hard drive, the SDHC card.
  • Pi Wallet is as large as a credit card. It easily fits in your hand, allowing for an efficient use of space and carrying your coins wherever you want.
  • Pi Wallet comes with 2 SDHC cards so you can always have a main card and a backup one in a safe place.
  • Pi Wallet comes with everything pre-installed, so you don’t need to set up anything except your wallet, which is done within a few clicks.
  • Armory enables you to have a copy of your wallet that allows you to create receiving addresses and unsigned transactions and check your balance on an online computer without ever having to expose your private keys

A monitor, a keyboard and a mouse/USB input device are required to work with Pi Wallet. On the other side – unlike many wallets out there with proprietary connectors, the Raspberry Pi can be operated with any convenient USB keyboard and mouse.


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