Ledger HW. 1 [x5 Pack]


Ledger HW. 1 is a secure cryptocurrency smartcard wallet. With a simple design and miniature size, it is perfectly suited for both personal and group use. HW.1 is a safe smartcard hardware Bitcoin wallet for professional and enterprise needs. It is a perfect wallet for multi-signature transactions while on low budget.

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Ledger HW. 1 (Hardware Wallet) is an enterprise grade cryptocurrency smartcard wallet designed for multi-signature transactions. Multi-signature spending increase the difficulty of stealing your cryptocurrency assets, as it requires several private keys for each payment. The device also allows you to access wallets shared by multiple people where a quota is needed in order to spend the coins.

  • Ledger HW.1 can be used on any computer, PC, Mac, Linux, or Android. Featuring a minimalist design and enterprise features, Ledger HW.1 is a secure wallet for those on a low budget. Designed with organization uses in mind, it’s just as good for everyday uses – HW.1 allows you to store your bitcoins and make every day online payments safely.
  • Each package contains a HW.1 chip, a security key and a recovery sheet.
  • While traditional software wallets are installed on your PC, where they are vulnerable to malware and hackers, the Ledger HW.1 stores your private key on a tiny USB dongle just likes the ones used for FIDO U2F two-factor authentication. It also features a security co-processor which does the transaction signing for you, meaning that the wallet’s private key is never exposed to the host operating system.
  • The Ledger HW.1 package contains a security card that provides the user with extra two factor authentication and prevents man in the middle attacks.
  • The HW.1 uses an CC EAL5+ smartcard to securely sign your cryptocoin transactions.
  • 1 is supported by multiple software wallets including, but not limited to, Electrum, Mycelium, Copay, GreenBits, GreenAddress, Coinkite, and the Ledger Chrome wallet.

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