I forgot password to my account?

You can reset the forgotten password using the email you indicated at registration.

Why pay with cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies have multiple advantages over traditional means of payment:

  • They are easy and convenient for both buyer and seller.
  • Cryptocoins’ transaction fees are generally very small.
  • The technology behind cryptocoins ensures your security. Besides that, cryptocurrencies make identity theft virtually useless, as crypto payments are anonymous – none of your private information is affiliated with your account or the transaction.
  • Transparency – even if a transaction is not verified yet, it usually becomes visible on the blockchain for anybody in a matter of few minutes.

Is it legal to purchase with cryptocurrencies?

Owning cryptocurrencies is either completely legal or undefined by law in most countries. However, a few countries, such as India, Bolivia, Ecuador, Bangladesh and Kyrgyzstan, have prohibited their citizens to own cryptocoins. Unless you are from any of the latter – you are good to go.

How safe is using cryptocurrencies?

Online you can never be totally safe. However if your wallet is protected with a strong password, a good antivirus and other precautions, then your safety should not be a big concern. Blockchain based currencies are virtually impossible to hack. Unless you post your private key and address were posted online, your wallet is secure.

Where can I obtain cryptocurrency/bitcoins?

There are multiple exchange websites where you can acquire cryptocurrency/bitcoins, either by trading it with another person or simply by transferring payment to the exchange site and submitting an order for coins. Coinbase, MtGox, and BTC-E are all aged and reputable websites, although you can always pick some other place.

I used incorrect credentials and my money were sent somewhere else?

There are two possible outcomes:

  • If the account that money were sent to doesn’t exist or is locked – the money were not sent and most likely they will be refunded within a few minutes.
  • If the account exists, your money are gone. Unlike bank transfers, cryptocurrency transactions can not be reverted.

Why buy a hardware wallet if online/software/paper are free/much cheaper and more convenient?

  • It is a much more secure place for your assets. It offers a high level of security and isolates your funds from potential malware on your desktop/mobile device.
  • A wallet is managed by you and not some other third party. Our hardware wallets allow you to have a complete control over your funds and manage every transaction.
  • It is as convenient as your mobile device, but offers better security.

Why should I buy a wallet from you and not from the official website?

  • Cryptocurrency wallets are in a high demand and sometimes you have to wait for months to get yours. We on the other side offer a fast and convenient delivery of your order.
  • You never have to worry about us tampering with your device – our reputation is one of our most valuable assets.

When are you going to start selling device X? Language X?

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I can’t find an answer to my question?

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